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Last Planner® System for Project Delivery

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A revolution in project management and delivery is underway. It is informed by lean thinking and Toyota's way of doing business. But that understates the innovations of the Last Planner System (LPS). Construction companies are setting themselves apart from their competitors by using LPS. This lens will introduce you to the theory and practice for being successful with this lean project delivery approach.

Popular Last Planner System Postings from the RPM Archives

Towards a New Theory — Take a Look at the Last Planner System®
You wouldn't be reading this lens if you didn't have a concern for doing better on your projects. The LPS is a breakthrough approach for producing project success.
Project Meeting Protocols
This seven part series describes how to conduct project meetings. These protocols increase the likelihood that you'll finish your project on time or early AND at or below budget.
Learn from the LPS® Innovators
Glenn Ballard and Gregory Howell share their views on what needs attention to improve the LPS.
Sharing PPC Results in Trust-Worthiness
Is there anything more important than increasing trust in the construction project environment? Not in my mind.
What Project Planning Approach Improves Construction Safety?
The Last Planner System improves safety. How? By dramatically reducing exposure to the ever-present hazards of construction. The LPS process of making work ready allows workers to only proceed with work that is in a condition to start and finish without interruption.
Project Theory Gravitates towards the Language Action Perspective
Teams are understanding how LPS brings about the project situation as a network of commitments.

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