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Manage projects for learning while coping with uncertainty


Yammer removes the friction in company-wide collaboration.


Add a project blog for more team collaboration.


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Project performance reviews are dead; long live performance reviews. A standard practice on projects is to conduct a lessons learned (post mortem) at the end of a project. In my opinion it doesn’t produce much value. The [...]


Have Project? Get Yammer

by Hal on April 20, 2009

in collaboration, innovation

Every once in awhile technology helps, really helps. Yammer helps people doing projects.


Every now and then along comes a surprise, something you wouldn’t say, but now that someone has said it, makes all the sense in the world. The Think Big Manifesto is one of those surprises. It’s a small book. Quick read. While it’s a timely message for today’s economic and political [...]


An engaged workforce musters the courage to ask the dumb questions. It takes steady leadership to make that happen.


Over at NWLean there’s been quite a riff on the 8th waste. Eventually, the contributors concluded that recreating knowledge is the one true 8th waste. While it’s hard to argue with any of the writers’ arguments, getting at the roots of that waste is where we can begin to take effective action.
Waste in [...]


Make innovation an everyday event

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It’s time manufacturers acquired their facilities on a lean basis. They now can with lean design and construction.


Another Scrum Day of Learning

by Hal on June 28, 2007

in agile, collaboration, lean

We had our first Daily Scrum. It took 16 minutes. I minute too long. Our ScrumMaster asked each of us the 3 Scrum questions:

What have you done since yesterday’s meeting?
What are you going to get done today?
What impediments (obstacles) do you need to be removed?

What do I know? I’m just a [...]


A lean construction consultant learns Scrum Development. It’s eye-opening!


What’s Driving Toyota?

by Hal on September 25, 2006

in collaboration, lean

Even the IT folk are paying attention to Toyota!


Encourage your team members to wonder. But, make sure you listen and get ready to act. Read about Wal-Mart-Mart’s project to reduce carbon emissions.


Using Blogs for Project Management

by Hal on February 10, 2005

in collaboration

Fredrik Wacka writing in Webpro News Using Blogs for Project Management says the time is here for project weblogs.
“Project blogs integrated into an intranet will, I believe, prove to be one of the most valuable types of corporate blogging.”
Fredrik is a regular writer on blogging. Not only is he suggesting that project champions blog [...]

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Making Collaboration Work

by Hal on February 8, 2005

in collaboration

Are you interested in spectatcular team results?
“Would a 36 percent reduction in unit cost interest your management? How about a 40 percent improvement in productivity, or a reduction of cycle time from 55 days to 1 day, resulting in a savings of $1 million? These are all actual figures from the 2004 final round of [...]


Project Basecamp

by Hal on January 26, 2005

in collaboration, systems

I’ve been testing new software for managing projects. Basecamp™ is great! Go visit the site. Trials are free. The interface couldn’t be easier to use. It’s the right solution for small design projects. It’s also good for consulting engagements. Get an idea of how different this is by [...]


Your own power and authority will only get you so far. You’ll gain power when you share it. So goes the argument of the editor of Harvard Business Review. Read on…

The Project Reformer’s e-Tip of the Week

036: Exercise Power Collaboratively



by Hal on August 16, 2004

in collaboration

I had the opportunity today to observe a group of 20 superintendents and foremen plan the next six weeks of their project. They were working out how they would build the project. This contrasts with the way the project had been planned up to that point. Like most projects, a few smart [...]


Better Workplace Now

by Hal on December 2, 2003

in collaboration, leadership

I don’t do this very often but I have to showcase one man’s work and his calling: Better Workplace Now™. Tom Terez has set out to create better workplaces. This doesn’t appear to be altruistic. Tom’s writing indicates a pragmatism rather than idealism. Tom is a story-teller. He’s well-equipped with [...]


Dad knows best…not! While finishing the outdoor room we got to the point of laying the pavers. My son worked concentric circles using a variety of squares and keystone shapes. The rest of the family kept feeding him those blocks as he called for them. He finished the 18 foot circle [...]

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