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Lean Projects Require Lean Accounting

by Hal on August 14, 2007

in lean

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Peter Drucker said, "What gets measured gets done." Accounting is the principal way we measure business success. But in spite of the advances adopting lean practices, accounting has remained the same. That is except for the enlightened few. For the last five years those enlightened few have been getting together at the Lean Accounting Summit to explore how they can bring lean-friendly accounting practices to their firms.

I met the people who put on the Lean Accounting Summit. I'm quite impressed with the agenda for the coming event. One of my colleagues and two clients will be attending. I strongly urge you to attend. If you want to be lean, then you need to re-evaluate how you measure. This is the place to start that re-evaluation. I wrangled a discount for you. (I'm not getting anything for it.) When you register use the code "RPM". You'll get a $150 discount. And while you're there, look for my colleague John Draper. If you mention Reforming Project Management to him, then he'll buy you a drink!

And don't miss the QnEK keynote by Norman Bodek. That alone will make the event.

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