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Bill Waddell, Lean Provocateur

by Hal on November 30, 2005

in PM practice, lean, project kaizen

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The next project kaizen Gang-of-Seven member is Bill Waddell. He co-writes the Evolving Excellence weblog for Superfactory. Be ready for some provocative writing. Rather than commenting, I'll share how he began a recent post:

"In its most basic form, lean manufacturing is the systematic elimination of waste from all aspects of an organization's operations, where waste is viewed as any use or loss of resources that does not lead directly to creating the product or service a customer wants when they want it."

That comes from the EPA website that Kevin referenced in his recent blog concerning lean in government. I imagine most folks would read it and generally agree. I don't.

Bill goes on to explain why he disagrees…quite convincingly.

Not only is Bill an expert blogger but he's the co-author with Norman Bodek of a wonderful yet-to-be-published book, Rebirth of American Industry, A Study of Lean Management. I've been reading a prepublication copy. It's quite provocative. I expect no less from Bill in this series. Check out his weblog.

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