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Norman Bodek, Godfather of Lean

by Hal on November 21, 2005

in lean, project kaizen

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Norman has been called "Mr. Productivity" and "Mr. Lean". I call him the godfather of the lean movement. Norman has done more of the groundwork on lean than any other person. He was responsible for publishing Shigeo Shingo's green book on the Toyota Production System in the 1980s. His company, Productivity Press, went on to publish nearly 100 books from Japan and 300 others. To top that off Norman won the 2005 Shingo Prize for his book Kaikaku: The Power and Magic of Lean.

I've had the opportunity to spend time with Norman and to converse with him on a regular basis. What I like most about him is how freely he shares what he has learned. You can find him on the NWLean group answering questions and guiding people in their pursuit of lean. You'll also find him writing for Superfactory and Timely Tips for Teams.

Norman spends some of the rest of his time co-authoring and publishing books in his newest company PCS Press. He has decided to be one of the co-bloggers of our series "kaizen for Project Teams". He calls his new weblog kaikaku. What else! (Give Norman a few days to get a hang of blogging.) Please stop by to add his feed to your list.

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1 Claude Emond November 22, 2005 at 8:52 am

Hi Hal,

I’m looking forward to read this new collaborative piece. Best regards from Montreal


2 Chuck Yorke November 23, 2005 at 4:46 pm

I look forward to the kaizen for Project Teams series. I personally have learned a lot from Norman and know that I will continue to grow from the information in the series.

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