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Hal’s Weblog Is Dead

by site admin on April 3, 2005

in general

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Just a short note letting you know that the Reforming Project Management weblog has moved from http://weblog.halmacomber.com to http://www.reformingprojectmanagement.com. Why? I'm more ambitious now than I was before. I've adopted WordPress, a content management system, as my blogging tool to give me more control over the environment. I'm aiming to make it more of a magazine format. The change in URL is to make it more of a home for anyone who wants to author articles for the site. Contact me if you want to publish.

There will be more changes coming. And there are a few housekeeping matters that will take some time to address. The other site still works (for now). Thanks to Kim Black for making this all possible, particularly the spectacular work she did in keeping all the reader comments alive on the new site. If you ever need help with a weblog or a website, Kim is a whiz!

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1 Hal April 3, 2005 at 9:55 pm

I’ve started categorizing the previous postings by topic. See the listings to the right. By default postings were categorized as “PM Practice”.

You’ll also notice there is a recent gap in the weekly archive. I got overwhelmed by the change from one environment to the next. I’ll try to make it up to you with a flurry of postings in the coming week.

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