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Grid Blogging the “Brand”, December 1, 2003

by Hal on November 15, 2003

in commentary

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Being Saturday, I thought I'd offer something different. As regular readers of weblogs know bloggers link to other bloggers. It makes the experience of reading a blog so interesting. When I visit a blog I do so wondering "where will I go today?" Blogs like mine have a topical focus. You can read all sorts of things about project management, but you won't be reading about Brittany. (It is possible to escape the pop culture.) Most links on my pages will take you to other useful perspectives having some relationship (in my mind, anyway) to the topic of reforming PM. The linking of all these postings through time presents an evolving consciousness and body of knowledge.

Hold onto your chairs. You are about to witness an explosion in both the connectedness and production or presentation of knowledge. How? Through grid blogging. Instead of a few of us blogging on the same topics from one week to the next, Ashley Benigno has proposed that a whole bunch of us blog on a single topic for a day. That first topic is the "brand".

While we don't know what to expect or how many people will get involved, there are some models for this behavior. On these pages and in their respective weblogs, Frank, Joe, and I blogged on the Theory of Constraints for a week in Down 'n Dirty with the Theory of Constraints. Like this proposed effort we knew a week or so in advance what we would do. We also shared our postings with each other before we posted so we would do a good job introducing the topic. Not only did the three of us learn, but we had very high readership for the week and shortly thereafter. Something similar happens each year on World AIDS Day where bloggers post their thoughts. See www.linkandthink.org.

I am so excited about this. While the topic of the "brand" is interesting to me, what I'm more interested in is the possibility of extending what we know and can do by being focused like this. It should be great for those writing as well as those just reading.

Mark your calendar: Grid Blogging the "Brand" on December 1, 2003. I'll be joining in. How about you?

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